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Mens Championship Division Team: Myerscough College

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Contact Information

David Collister 0780 547 9222

Team Information

CourtMyescough College, St Michaels Road, Bilsborrow, Preston.   PR30RY
Tip-OffWednesday 20:15pm
KitBlack or Green
Myerscough College Logo

Fixtures & Results

CompetitionWeek CommencingHome TeamResultAway TeamMatch Report
League 03/10/2016Tameside Timberwolves77 – 67Myerscough College
League 17/10/2016Myerscough College20 – 0Cardinal Langley 2
Cup 24/10/2016Stockport Atlas67 – 73Myerscough College
League 31/10/2016Fleetwood Nets47 – 85Myerscough College
League 07/11/2016Myerscough College84 – 43Mavericks
League 14/11/2016Myerscough College92 – 54Egerton Canute 1
Cup 28/11/2016Oldham Titans62 – 72Myerscough College
League 05/12/2016Myerscough College86 – 56Our Ladys 1
League 12/12/2016Oxford Phoenix63 – 107Myerscough College
League 16/01/2017Myerscough College60 – 64Tameside Timberwolves
Cup 23/01/2017Myerscough College73 – 79Free City YMCA
League 06/02/2017Cardinal Langley 243 – 96Myerscough College
League 13/02/2017Myerscough College89 – 59Fleetwood Nets
League 27/02/2017Mavericks57 – 56Myerscough College
League 06/03/2017Egerton Canute 162 – 96Myerscough College
League 13/03/2017Our Ladys 176 – 97Myerscough College
League 27/03/2017Myerscough College85 – 69Oxford Phoenix
Playoff SF 24/04/2017Myerscough College75 – 62Fleetwood Nets
Playoff Final 24/04/2017Tameside Timberwolves73 – 70Myerscough College

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